FastReport Open Source 2024.2 Release

Support of FastReport Cloud in the Community edition

The Community edition now allows you to work with reports stored in FastReport Cloud. Previously, this opportunity was only available in paid editions.

ReportPage object's PageCreate event

The ReportPage has a StartPage event, which is triggered before the page is rendered. This event is called once for each template page in the report. Now, there is a new event called PageCreate, which is triggered when a page is created in the prepared report. Unlike StartPage, it is called more frequently, for each prepared page that corresponds to a template page. Both events can have their handlers assigned, allowing you to perform actions in addition to the standard ones.

Read more about PageCreate in the article.

Support for PostgreSQL functions and views

When connecting to Postgres databases, you have the ability to use function and view data in your reports. To do this, use the FastReport.Data.Postgres plugin.

Full list of changes

[Engine] + added OnCreatePage event for the ReportPage object; - removed top and bottom padding when splitting TextObject between pages; - fixed the display of a row following a row with a column union; - fixed an exception when preparing a report with a TableObject containing MSChartObject; - fixed display of the bottom border line when using GrowToBottom; - fixed a bug when the Report.IsPrepared parameter returned an incorrect value when preparing a report asynchronously; - fixed error when printing with different pages selected; - fixed IndexOutOfRangeException when executing Graphics.Path.AddBeziers; - fixed vulnerability with the ability to call JS code from a hyperlink; [Designer] + added interaction with FastReport Cloud in the Community edition; + added the Contains (string , string) function, which determines whether a string contains a substring; * changed the text of the warning message about duplicate parameter names in the query wizard; *replaced the error with a warning form about parameters with the same names in the SQL query; *changes in SwissQR: the processing of the "Amount" field has been changed; the "Currency" field is now a text field; added processing of data from the database in the fields of information about the Recipient, Payer and in the "Link" field; - fixed Datamatrix brush color; - fixed errors in the PictureObject editor; - fixed a bug in the format editor; - fixed a bug when resizing the dialog form; - fixed the drawing of a rotated ITF14 barcode; - fixed a bug with the operation of the "select all" keyboard shortcut; -fixed a bug in resetting the format when changing an expression; - fixed errors with the separation of source data into lines, both separator options (\r\n and \n) are now supported; - now during the QR code generation process, extra \r\n characters at the end of the line are removed; - fixed NullRreferenceException when editing the SelectCommand of the data source table; - fixed context menu of the RFIDLabel object; - fixed the band title in the classic band display mode; - fixed a problem when using the hh:mm time format; - fixed a bug leading to System.NullReferenceException when connecting to JSON; - fixed a bug when resizing objects while holding down the Shift key; - fixed an exception that occurred when using DontEditCode; - fixed incorrect behavior of lines when changing the Height property for a horizontal line or the Width property for a vertical line if the Diagonal property is set to False; [Preview] - fixed a bug with the search dialog in the preview; - fixed rendering of report objects outside the page; - fixed display of vertical paddings in preview when using the LineHeight property; [Exports] - fixed the value of the paddingNonSeparatePages variable in ImageExport to eliminate unnecessary padding; [Extras] + added support for views and functions in the PostgreSQL connector (Extras/Core/FastReport.Data/FastReport.Data.Postgres); + added a new filter for selecting file extensions when connecting to SQLite, combining .db and .db3, with the first filter selected by default.


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