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How to use FastReport Open Source with the Knockout.js library

Knockout.js is a Javascript library for linking a data model with a view (html document). Any changes to the data automatically change the presentation and vice versa. Although recently this library has been losing popularity against the background of Angular, React, Vue, nevertheless, a lot of sites are written in knockout. In general, it has quite a lot of fans.

How to use Online Designer with FastReport Open Source in ASP .NET Core Vue.js application

In this article, we will look at the way to display the online report designer in a one-page application written in the Vue.js framework with a backend on ASP .Net Core.

How to use FastReport Open Source with Vue.Js

Presently popular SPA - one-page applications - use different frameworks and libraries. But, if they can work with the server part on the basis of ASP .Net Core, then you can always use the free report generator FastReport OpenSource. Today we will look at an example of displaying the report FastReport.OpenSource in a one-page application based on the popular framework Vue.js.

PDF Export in FastReport Open Source using ASP .Net Core MVC as an example

New export for FastReport Open Source - PDF export - is something that was really lacking. This is one of the most popular electronic document management formats. We have already discussed how to export from a console .Net Core application. However, for many users, an example of PDF export from an MVC application would be much more useful.