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New version of FastReport Open Source 2023.3

  We are pleased to present you with the long-awaited update, in which we have given special attention to user experience and the software code quality. In this release, we tried to listen to the requests of our users. Starting from version 2023.3, we added the following: a new object—RFID tag, the toolbar in the context menu, and much more.  New features New RFIDLabel object The new version includes a new object—an RFID tag. It enables the identification of goods and closely resembles a barcode, but unlike the barcode, it uses radio signals. This allows for scanning a large number of items in short time intervals. The tag contains 4 data banks: a reserved bank for storing access and destruction passwords, an electronic product code bank, a tag identifier bank, and a user data bank. In the FastReport .NET product lineup, the RFID tag is represented as a report object. The tag can be customized using a user-friendly editor, accessed by double-clicking. RFID tags can be created by some Z