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How to use the FastReport Open Source WebReport with ReactJS

The popular React library deservedly takes leading positions in web programming. Convenient and flexible tool for creating web applications. Today we will create an application on ReactJS in conjunction with ASP .Net Core. But this is not our main goal. And the main goal is to display FastReport reports using the FastReport.OpenSource library. This library is an open source report generator for the .Net Core platform from the FastReport company.

How to use FastReport Open Source in .Net WinForms applications. Part 2.

In the first part of the article we created an application that allows you to download a report in fpx format (prepared for the show) from a local disk and display it. Let me remind you that we are creating a report viewer. In addition to downloading and displaying a report, an integral part of the viewer is navigation through report pages. Yes, reports that display a lot of data are split up into pages for easy viewing. In addition, the report may contain a title page, table of contents, conclusion and other stuff. Therefore, our next step is to implement the viewing of different pages of the report.

How to use FastReport Open Source in .Net WinForms applications. Part 1.

The open source FastReport report generator is initially positioned for web applications based on the ASP .Net Core framework. However, it is worth remembering that it is based on the FastReport.Core report generator, and at the heart of that is FastReport.Net. This means that despite its focus on the web, it can still be used in other types of .Net applications, for example, in WPF or WinForms. The purpose of this article is to show you how to use FastReport Open Source in a .Net Windows Forms application using the example of creating a custom report viewer. So, the double benefit is to learn how to use and create the necessary report viewer application.