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How to create PDF on Raspberry PI with .NET Core 3.1

Raspberry PI is a miniature single-board computer with ARM processor. This microcomputer is often used as an educational platform or for development of embedded solutions. For our experiments we use the Raspberry PI 3B board with 1GB of RAM and the installed Linux Raspbian Buster with desktop operating system. I will omit the installation and configuration of the system - we will assume that everything is already installed and working for you. Despite the tiny size, we are using a computer with powerful  capabilities. Let's try to install the .NET Core framework on it and write a simple C # application that will generate a PDF document. Firstly, we need to connect to the Raspberry via SSH or open the terminal application on the desktop if you connected the board to the monitors and keyboard. Of course, the board must be connected to the Internet to install the components we need.   The Raspbian operating system supports the execution of .NET Core applications for the ARM32 architec