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FastReport Open Source 2024.2 Release

Support of FastReport Cloud in the Community edition The Community edition now allows you to work with reports stored in FastReport Cloud. Previously, this opportunity was only available in paid editions. ReportPage object's PageCreate event The ReportPage has a StartPage event, which is triggered before the page is rendered. This event is called once for each template page in the report. Now, there is a new event called PageCreate, which is triggered when a page is created in the prepared report. Unlike StartPage, it is called more frequently, for each prepared page that corresponds to a template page. Both events can have their handlers assigned, allowing you to perform actions in addition to the standard ones. Read more about PageCreate in the article. Support for PostgreSQL functions and views When connecting to Postgres databases, you have the ability to use function and view data in your reports. To do this, use the FastReport.Data.Postgres plugin. Full list of changes [Engin