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How to use FastReport.OpenSource in ASP.NET MVC application

As we know, the FastReport.OpenSource libraries are “sharpened” for the .Net Core framework. However, it may be necessary to display reports in the ASP .Net MVC project. It would be nice to use free FROS for this purpose. In this article we will look at how this can be done. Create an ASP.Net MVC project. Add FastReport.OpenSource libraries via NuGet: Unfortunately, we cannot use the web report object, as it is designed for .Net Core. Therefore, we will use the available export of the report in HTML format. Multi-page report is exported to several html files. One file - one report page. Thus, you can organize a transition between report pages when viewing. In the Model folder, create a class: namespace FROS_ASPMVC.Models {     public static class Model     {         public static int PagesCount = 0;         public static int CurrentPage = 0;     } }       There are only two static variables: PagesCount - stores the number of pages of the exporte

How to use Online Designer with the FastReport Open Source library in the ASP .NET Core + React project

FastReport Open Source is a free product and does not include online report designer. However, you can purchase it separately and use it in conjunction with FastReport Open Source. In this article we will look at the way to do this in a project with a server part on ASP .Net Core MVC, and the client part on ReactJS.