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How-to rebuild the libgdiplus library

Sometimes it can be incorrect to display Unicode texts when saved in images or in PDF when running FastReport Open Source on Linux.  One of the most common problems is the error of hyphenation in a sentence and, as a result, the wrong interval between words. For example, when using the Thai language in Windows, we see this text: When running the same report in Linux Ubuntu you can see that the string is formatted incorrectly: There may also be problems with word wrap. Another example with the Thai language in the Windows operating system: The same text in the Linux operating system Ubuntu does not look correct: Similar errors may occur in other languages. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem described above - building the libgdiplus library from sources with the with-pango key. Before you begin, it is strongly recommended to back up the /usr/lib/libgdiplus*.* files, as they will be overwritten with new files in the process. In this case you can return the system to its orig