FastReport Open Source 2022.2 Release

Fast Reports NuGet-server

We recently launched our own NuGet-server - a repository of licensed Fast Reports products for users. Now you can conveniently download the latest versions of our components on any operating system. More details in article.

Added support for interactivity of the "Advanced Matrix" object in WebReport:

All WebReports (.NET Framework, .NET Core, Blazor Server) now have interactivity support for the new Advanced Matrix. The collapse and sort buttons now work correctly in the browser.

Ability to save the report with random data

The file menu in the report designer has a new item "Save with random data...". When you save the report in this way, all data sources will be saved in the report and the data in them will be replaced with random values.

Backlight of intersecting objects in the designer

Now, when you place objects on the report page, the color will highlight the intersecting objects and objects outside of bands and page. In a correct report, there should not be such objects. Ignoring to comply with this recommendation, can lead to a number of problems in the preparation and exporting of reports. By default, this option is disabled.

You can enable it in the designer settings (menu File->Options).

Backlight demo below:

Ruler with guides in the RichObject editor

The new tool allows you to conveniently adjust indentation and tab positions when editing RichObject. Read more in article.

A console RTF conversion utility has been added

With it, you can conveniently convert RTF files into report templates.

Ability to use XLSX files as data sources

You can now retrieve data from Excel 2007 files as from a database and use it in a report. Read more in article.

Exports Improvements

"Pinned cells" option when exporting to Excel 2007

This feature, allows you to define an area of the sheet that will always be visible when you scroll. You can lock: the first row, the first column, a certain number of rows and columns.

The settings look like this:

And the way this option works is:

ZPL II support when exporting to ZPL

"High quality SVG" option in HTML export

With this setting enabled, the quality of SVG images will be significantly higher when exporting. Note, however, that the amount of memory occupied will also be higher.

Added export of bookmarks and internal links into Word

Implemented export tab character width in PDF, Word, HTML and RTF

New PrefixStyle property in SVG export

This property allows you to set a prefix for all styles when exporting to SVG.

Added export of number and date formats in Excel 97

Export of tab character width in PDF, Word, HTML and RTF

Complete list of changes

  • added ability to save report with random data;

  • the ExportBand method now uses the BandBase argument instead of Base;

  • fixed bugs with double calling events AfterData, BeforePrint and AfterPrint of ContainerObject;

  • fixed a bug leading to System.NullReferenceException when running reports with dialog forms;

  • fixed a bug with not working VisibleExpression property of subreports and pages;

  • fixed a bug with vertical shift of non-intersecting objects when converting RTF;

  • fixed a bug with right anchor on pages with unlimited width and landscape orientation;

  • fixed translation of lists when converting RTF;

  • fixed a bug with not working RichObject.AllowExpressions property;

  • fixed a bug leading to System.OverflowException when drawing unlimited page without preparing;

  • added backlight of intersecting objects;

  • added ruler with guides in RichObject editor;

  • replaced password symbols on dots in object inspector;

  • added warning about possible stack overflow when putting Matrix or AdvMatrix on repeated bands;

  • removed error message when text of barcode consist expression;

  • fixed a bug with disable hot keys option;

  • fixed dropdown menu when click on LineStyle and LineWidth button;

  • fixed a bug with viewing data in designer;

  • fixed bugs leading to System.NullReferenceException when dragging objects into AdvMatrix;

  • fixed a bug with incorrect showing settings of shadow in border editor;

  • fixed a bug leading to System.NullReferenceException when clicking on editable TextObject;

  • fixed a bug with not working hyperlinks in report with multi-column databands;

  • fixed a bug when exporting a report resulted to saving the prepared report;

  • fixed a bug with setting lists of available exports and exports to clouds in PreviewControl;

  • added export to ZPL II;

  • added option "High Quality SVG" in export to HTML;

  • added option "Pinned cells" in export to Excel 2007;

  • added ability to scale print in export to Excel 2007;

  • added export of bookmarks and inner hyperlinks to Word;

  • added export of numbers and dates format to Excel 97;

  • added encryption of personal data in Email-export;

  • added indent of RichObject in export to RTF;

  • added line break of RichObject in export to RTF;

  • added indent of TextObject when exporting to Word;

  • added export of tab width in PDF, Word, HTML and RTF exports;

  • added property PrefixStyle to SVG-export, which allows to set a prefix for all styles;

  • improved export of RichObject to Excel 2007;

  • removed FastReport Cloud and XMPP exports;

  • fixed incorrect rotation of landscape orientation of pages when printing HTML if they used styles from previous pages;

  • fixed a bug with font scale when export to PDF;

  • fixed a memory lose when export SVG objects to HTML with option "High Quality SVG";

  • fixed a bug with embedding fonts for which packing is prohibited in PDF-export;

  • fixed a bug with exporting tab symbols to Word;

  • fixed fill background picture and property of line-height in export to HTML;

  • fixed a bug with exporting custom dash line of SVGObject to PDF;

  • fixed a bug with exporting borders of spanned cells to SVG;

  • added interactivity for advanced matrix in WebReport;

  • fixed closing canceling processing in OnFormClosing in Core web dialogs;

[.NET Core]
  • fixed a bug with not working "open after export" option;

[WebReport Core]
  • now the DatePicker icon looks the same in all browsers;

  • added a new demo for Blazor with a demonstration of working with two reports;

  • fixed a bug due to which the cursor did not change when hovering over links in the new demo;

  • fixed a bug with AdvMatrix in new demo;

  • added connection to Excel

  • fixed SQLite connector for FastReport.Core, FastReport.CoreWin and FastReport.OpenSource;

  • fixed a bug with ConnectionString to Firebird;

  • added tool for conversion of RTF documents to report templates (\Extras\Misc\rtf2frx).


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