FastReport Open Source 2021.1 Release


FastReport Open Source

➕ added support of .NET 5
➕ added a new barcode - Deutsche Post Leitcode
➕ added a new barcode - SberBank QR
➕ added functions of converting numbers to letters
➕ added functions of converting numbers to words for Indian language
➕ added rupee symbol for Indian currency
➕ added functions of converting numbers to words for Persian language
➕ added functions of converting numbers to words for Ukranian language
➕ added the Report.Prepare (int pagesLimit) method, which allows to prepare a limited number of pages
➕ added correct view of script errors in ScriptSecurity mode

🐛 optimized work of VisibleExpression, PrintableExpression and ExportableExpression properties for bands
🐛 improved algorithm of converting RTF to report objects
🐛 fixed a bug with web response stream reader when connecting to remote JSON
🐛 fixed a bug while compiling the report with some expressions in the properties VisibleExpression, PrintableExpression and ExportableExpression
🐛 fixed a bug with font.list file leading to exception "System.IO.FileNotFoundException".
🐛 fixed a bug with incorrect checksum calculation in Deutsche Post Identcode barcode
🐛 fixed ReCompile (adding assemblies after Compile with error)
🐛 now we detect WebProcess and StubClasses aren't added to ConsoleApp\Library (on Windows)
🐛 fixed a bug with RichObject expressions
🐛 updated MongoDB connection plugin
🐛 fixed a bug with ParagraphOffset

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