FastReport Open Source 2020.4 Release

➕ added check of the report script for malicious code. This option is enabled by default for the Web.
➕ added new barcode ITF-14
➕ added new barcode Deutsche Post Identcode
➕ added ability to align barcodes
➕ added property PictureObject.ImageSourceExpression that allows to set expression containing source of image
➕ added possibility to use expression in brackets in VisibleExpression, PrintableExpression and ExportableExpression properties
➕ added the PictureObject.ImageFormat property, which allows to select the image storage format

🐛 fixed a bug where the value of an expression was displayed by the text of this expression
🐛 fixed incorrect drawing of ITF-14 barcode
🐛 fixed a bug with transparency of RichObject
🐛 fixed figures absence on window print from browser
🐛 fixed incorrect calculation of page sizes in FastReport.Core.Web, if at least one page was in landscape orientation
🐛 fixed a bug where objects with Exportable = false were not visible in WebPreview
🐛 now you can only build FastReport.Core and FastReport.OpenSource for netstandard2.1 on supported versions of VisualStudio (MSBuild)
🐛 fixed problem with user applications on the .Net Core3, referencing FastReport.Core. Now FastReport.Compat does not need to be added to References in the user application
🐛 updated references to FastReport packages in demos to the latest versions.

Download FastReport Open Source 2020.4

Download FastReport .NET

Download FastReport Online Designer


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