How to use Online Designer with FastReport Open Source

Probably, you are already aware of the advent of the open source report generator FastReport Core. Now you can save on the purchase of FastReport Core if you do not need exports (in the open version, the list of available export reports is severely cut).
However, if we want to use the online designer for FastReport Core, we can purchase it separately. In this article we will look at the way to use an online designer with FastReport Open Source.
Let’s create an ASP .Net Core MVC project. First of all, we will install the FastReport.OpenSource libraries, which can be found in the NuGet repository.

Install two packages: FastReport.OpenSource and FastReport.OpenSource.Web.
If you have not downloaded your online designer build, it's time to do it. Do not forget that you need an assembly for FastReport Core.
Open the downloaded file FastReportOnlineDesigner- <Your Login> .zip
Drag the WebReportDesigner folder to the wwwroot directory. And we also need a folder with a report and an xml database for it. Add the Reports folder. Add a report file Master-Detail.frx and an xml database file for the report nwind.xml.
Let's go to the Controllers - HomeController.cs. Add two libraries to the “using” section:
using FastReport.Web;
using System.IO;
Edit the Index method:
public IActionResult Index()
            WebReport WebReport = new WebReport();
            WebReport.Report.Load(@"Reports/Master-Detail.frx"); // Load the report into the WebReport object
            System.Data.DataSet dataSet = new System.Data.DataSet(); // Create a data source
            dataSet.ReadXml(@"reports/nwind.xml"); // Open the xml database
            WebReport.Report.RegisterData(dataSet, "NorthWind"); // Registering the data source in the report
            WebReport.Mode = WebReportMode.Designer; // Set the mode of the web object
            WebReport.DesignerLocale = "en";
            WebReport.DesignerPath = @"WebReportDesigner/index.html"; // We set the URL of the online designer
            WebReport.DesignerSaveCallBack = @"Home/SaveDesignedReport"; // Set the view URL for the report save method
            ViewBag.WebReport = WebReport; // pass the report to View
            return View();
For the designer, you need to implement a report save method:
        // call-back for save the designed report
        public ActionResult SaveDesignedReport(string reportID, string reportUUID)
            ViewBag.Message = String.Format("Confirmed {0} {1}", reportID, reportUUID); // We set the message for representation

            Stream reportForSave = Request.Body; // Write the result of the Post request to the stream.
            string pathToSave = @"DesignedReports/TestReport.frx"; // Get the path to save the file
            using (FileStream file = new FileStream(pathToSave, FileMode.Create)) // Create a file stream
                reportForSave.CopyTo(file); // Save the result of the query to a file
            return View();
For each method that returns an ActionResult, you need a different view. For the Index method, the view is already created by default. Add a new view for the SaveDesignedReport method. To do this, right-click on the Views / Home folder and select Add-> New tem and select ASP.Net MVC View.
The contents of the SaveDesignedReport view will be:
Index view content:
    ViewData["Title"] = "FastReport Core Open Source";
@await  ViewBag.WebReport.Render()
The Render method returns the HTML version of the web report object.
Now you need to add one line to Startup.cs:
public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env)
The application is ready to be launched. Let’s start it.

The online designer is loaded with a report Master-Detail.frx. After editing the report, go to the Report tab:
Here's the main difference from FastReport.Core - just one export per preview.

You can also save the report on the server using the Save button.
As you can see, using an online designer with FastReport.OpenSource has no difference from the same with FastReport.Core.


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